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Thank you Patrick Kane


Canada, we seem nice, but we’re hella into anal

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Someone said Kaner and Sharpy had a funny interaction during the Second City skits, do you know what they were referring to?

As far as I can recall (and have confirmed with other people present for the show), the only time Kaner and Sharpy were on stage together was during a skit where they didn’t stand anywhere near each other. 


(Please see this truly awful picture I took to confirm that.)

The skit set up was an audience Q&A where the people on stage had to answer the questions one word at a time in the order they were standing.

I’m guessing the interaction you heard about was when an audience member asked about the Sharpy trade rumors. From my dim recollection the answer went something like this:

Second City Guy: Assuredly
Patrick Kane: NO

Making everyone in the audience laugh and Sharpy give Kaner a very grateful look.

Though if you’re looking for Sharpy stories, then you need to know about when someone asked where Brandon Saad had gone (he was in earlier skits and then DISAPPEARED). They go down the line and the answer was something like “He’s gone to the Billy…” when it gets to Sharpy and he just goes “WHAT?” and the next guy finishes with “concert”. And poor Patrick Sharp looked so confused about what was happening and then judged Brandon Saad’s life choices (I can only assume because he was not invited).


describing what its like to live in northern Illinois to people







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7/23/14: Kane & Toews on new contracts [X]

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The Great Chicago Re-Commitment Tour of ‘14 continues on CSN. (This is just from me recording it with my camera, it will probs be on CSN’s site today/tomorrow.) This is the first half of a two-part Toews/Kane interview; second half airs tomorrow.

Patrick Kane as ‘The Private Dick’ during Second City’s Improv night at the 2014 Blackhawks Convention.

This is only a partial of the skit, but at least you can see where all the dick jokes are coming from. (And sorry for the terrible quality, laughing doesn’t make for stable iphone camera work!)


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"do my undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on?"

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